Rose Tea Meetup and New Items!

Rose Tea Meetup and New Items!

So, a girl who was visiting SF hosted a tea party before she left. 

It was rainy and everyone had trouble parking (being BIG football day and everything)
but still we had a good size turnout.

I had a fun time. I got pissed at the bill because I was told 28$ and ended up having to pay 36$. When you list a price for a meet, include everything please!

Here are pictures that Alegra (bless her, she let me carpool <3) took 

Coord rundown:

Skirt: handmade
Cutsew: AP
Socks: AP
Shoes: SS
Headbow: AP


First is an AP blouse I got off mBok. It's from the New Year's LP.

These socks are from a different LP; also from mBok. These are a bit too bright, I might put these in the SF swap meet in Feb/March...

This headbow I purchased (really my dad since I'm doing HELLA cleaning) so I could get the AP Valentines Ta Party ticket :3

I also got this for the ticket. I love how the "Angelic Pretty" is sparkly!

YAY! After a lot of stress and waiting for months for IW's winter sale, I finally got this dress! It's so light and airy~

SO..... I really need a job. Like, when I went in BTSSB after the meet, I tried on four dresses. Mistake no.1 !

; - ;

Here's the pics, since they aren't on the official site anymore.

This is SUPER cute and I wish it wasn't 100+$... I think if I could find floral corduroy I'd try to make something like this. I love salopettes: no clue why.

THIS is like the ultimate party dress. I'd love to go to a wedding or the military ball or something in this. But.....no money. And I'd rather save for the next dress OTL

THIS. THIS. THIS. It is soooo light and fluffy and the sleeves are super soft and HNNN. But inlcuding the bonnet (I hate bonnets, but I feel that it would be left lonely without the dress there) it would cost approx 500$.

Finally, this is the "Misako" dress. Apparently, she always wears the pink version and always recommends it xD
It's surprisingly heavy cotton, but it's the prefect summer dress. Casual yet cute, and I can just wear it with flats and a small bow if I wanted to :3

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