Mini-Meetup: Palmia Park

Mini-Meetup: Palmia Park picic

Me and Jessica decided to go have a picnic today after school x)

We "ate" until like 530 so by the time we took pictures it was already getting dark :O

Derping; Jessica did seven pullups xD


These are just cool...

Me trying to stay still; Jessica trying to stay up <3

Dunno, I really like this:

Riiiiiidin' a dinosaur!

Pretty sky :0
Trying to rock on without the stupid teenagers noticing OTL

By now it was almost 800

Ti voglio~
Buona notte!


New Items: Alpaca Slippers

New Items: Alpaca Slippers

I bought these about a month ago from this lovely girl on LJ. Just arrived!

Just so soft! And comfy too~


New Items: Annahouse!

New Items: Annahouse!

So... this is weird. I have another one of their blouses and the S fits me perfectly, but the two blouses I just got, thinking the size would be the same, are slightly too small D":

In package:

Odd thing but kinda cool, on the website, the blouses are different (short sleeves are elastic, e&c) but they sent me the same shirt basically but with long sleeves :)


I really don't want to have to deal with buying them again and selling these, so I'm seeing if we can let out the seams at all and sew in snaps between front buttons (those pesky blouse boob holes D:<)


McDonald's Recognition!!

Recognition at McDonalds!

Jessica and I went to McDonald's for some coffee today, and lo and behold, as we were walking in an employee recognized us "Cute Lolita dresses!"

:O We were so surprised he knew what we were!

^^Me in shiro and Jessica in kuro^^

That's all, just wanted to say something about why I love where I live sometimes :)


Thrift Store Meet-up

Thrift Store Meet-up

So on 25 September I went thrift shopping with the Bay Area lolitas and dragged my sister along!

Here are the pictures that Jeanine took: 

I ended up buying a hoodie with pink strawberries, a vintage quilted skirt, and a mint sweater I'm making DIYing into: