Meetup and New Items

Meetup and New Items

I got my Honey Cake and went to the monthly meetup to try it out :3


Idol poses!


Probably the only successful jumping picture xD

Purikura :)

New Items!

Red Custom House Shoes 
(I swear it's not orange.___.)

White Bodyline Shoes


New Items: LOTS of AP and BTSSB

New Items: LOTS of AP and BTSSB

Over the past week, I've gotten a lot of packages :3

First up are my new mint tea-parties courtesy of Secret Shop

My AP accessories:

BTSSB Headbow:

Honey Cake Mint OP 

AP Bolero:


Guten Morgen: pages 1 + 2

Guten Morgen
pages 1 + 2

A short lolita comic.

I apologize for the huge size...
Also, this is black/white, someone else is coloring it for me :3


New Items: BL Blouse and BTSSB JSK

New Items: BL Blouse and BTSSB JSK

I bought a blouse from a girl on egl_comms because, since I sent back the Annahouse blouses -__-, I don't have a long-sleeved blouse.

This will half to be for JSKs only because....well the chest area is a little wonky xD

So, I didn't even know that this print exsisted, but since it was only selling for 126$ shipping, I couldn't resist. It's so pretty!

Here is "My Favorite Things":

^^I went to the park with Jessica, but^^
it started raining as soon as we got there. Good thing we had umbrellas!!

Hello Jessica!


Halloween Party

Halloween Party

30 October 2011

This was my third Halloween party :/
The first was C&C, the second was at Alex's, this was at Jeanine's

We watched X-Cross (great movie btw) and ate yummy snacks!

Because I don't take a lot of photos at big meetups, here are Jeanine's photos xD




We all liked her cute bat wings!

Group shot!
(omg, I look bad, I am so casual xD)

Jeanine made a pumpkin pinata, so we took it out and destroyed it!! >D

On our way back to her apartment to play Mario Party :D and eat our candy!


Crown and Crumpet Halloween Meetup

Crown and Crumpet Halloween Meetup

28 October 2011

This adventure begins with a girl named Amanda. She was a sweet, timid, brand-new lolita. She offered to give me a ride. How thoughtful! :D

The tea was yummy (I tried a gold-shimmer tea) and the food was absolutely delicious. I hadn't been to C&C before, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the service!

Here are some of the pictures Jeanine took.

Me and Amanda:

Let's have some decor!

The lovely girls who sat next to us:

A few of the other guests (we had over 20!)

Now for the beloved Group Shots!!

^^Awkward Panorama...^^

Here's the photos I took:

^^Dress(handmade IW replica); Bag(IW)^^
Blouse(BL); Shoes(Offbrand); Hat(offbrand)

Amanda got bored waiting for the food, so she stuff the fake flower petals in the real flowers x3

Me and Giovanna, my best lolita friend <3

Well, Auf Wiedersein! Tchuss!!