Fanime Coords and Random News

Fanime Coords and Random News

I'd really love to make a whole new post (not really xD) but since I've already made one for Daily Lolita, I'll just post the link here (:

And since I have a few more photos from the Sunday tea day, I'll put those not in the Daily Lolita post up here (:

Here's Ceily and her friend at the lolita picnic!

These are taken with Doug and Stephanie Yen after the Cafe V ^^

So cute <3

Also, random updates.
So, this spring is filled with TONS of cute things I want, and of course I have no money 
- n -
But I've gotten myself down to a few I'm trying to get.

I'm getting Alegra's help to draft a pattern so me and mom can make this in red:

And if I can sell my Blooming Garden for 175, I'm trying to convince my mom to take one and a half of my allowance (so 275 total with ^)
and she pay the rest so I can get these two both in pink. I've already emailed AP SF about them /:


Clothes Update and the Great News

Clothes Update and the Great News

So ^^ I got new clothes (obviously) including my Innocent World reserve. 

The matching headbow isn't shown as its wrinkled so I didn't take a photo, but its cute! The skirt is short, but thankfully not as short as I thought it would be ^^ it's just too short to wear my petti underneath. Oh well /:

I got these socks from Meta. They are sparkly :D 

I won this off of Mbok. It was allllmost an impulse buy. I was angry I didn't win BABY's heart ribbon purse, so I got this instead xD I do like it, my bust just looks funny. Oh well, It'll look better with a skirt or JSK. Its really warm out now so I got it too late but whatevs. It came with a lace ribbon that you tie under the collar.

I got these for 40$ sadly -___- but mint is so hard to find. I got these to match the Toy Fantasy skirt replica I'm ordering from Oo Jia. She hasn't put up the pictures, but I'm patient.


I finally snatched myself a boyfriend

and he likes lolita!
Or... at least he thinks its cute and more mature than "modern" clothes. 

He's the guy I went to prom with

I apologize for the photo quality /: regrettably, I never took official prom photos at the dance.

Here I'm wearing BABY's Frill Maiden.