Update! And New Project

Update! And New Project

Well, so I got dumped two days ago.... but surprisingly I'm fine. I think maybe because I've already been hurting and crying the past three weeks so I've already accepted it's over? I don't know. The first day was tough when I woke up from his text message. Argh! 
Also, this guy who's been in love with me and has supported me for the past year and a half has been mending my heart. That and lolita has definitely helped a lot. Maybe a video idea?

Anyways, you don't care about my personal life. On to what I wanted to write about!

So, first, here's an update on my embroidery project. Don't worry I won't be posting pics on every step. Just this first design...

Second thing is a new project. It isn't new per se, since I've been thinking about it for several months now. I'm just now actually doing it!

There are two things I'm passionate about in my life. Lolita and activism. I'm going to be combining them together documentary. I'll be explaining more about why I'm making a mini documentary in the video. Let's just say that I'm excited about it and a fun challenge. I'm always looking for input.... ;)

Anyways, that's all for tonight!!


List: Lolita Fashion Idols

List: Lolita Fashion Idols

Okay, I admit, this idea was taken from Xylia Kavya. I hope she won't mind ^^
I'll just be using other people's ideas until I come up with my own blog ideas (: good plan?

So, I've put together a list of my lolita fashion idols. Not all of them dress loli all the time, and this list isn't in any particular order.

First up is Ruth (Peachie). I refer to her as the Bodyline Princess; she makes everything they make look adorable and worth it. She is super sugar-sweet and adorable and decorates everything she says with nice-ness and smilies. She is a lolita vlogger, one of the best IMO, and you can find her on Tumblr and on youtube. 

Next is Danielle (MintKismet). She doesn't wear lolita often, but in and out of it her style is really cute and sophisticated. Her now-fiance lives in Japan, and she is super kind and gave me advice about dealing with long distance relationships. I haven't talked to her much, but I hope we can be friends, she is just so sweet!

My next "Idol" is LovelyLor (Don't know her real name ><). She is full of energy and originality. She's the one who made the first "Shit Lolitas Say" videos!

Kiki is also adorable and petite, but I only like her for her casual lolita. I don't know her well so I can't say nice things about her! I'm sure she's super and nice and sweet but I just don't know a lot about her (:

Next up is Lipa (galaxymilk). She lives just an hour away from me! She's really nice and easy to talk to. We've been trying to meet eachother properly for a while now, I've only seen her IRL once at a Cafe V event but I hadn't heard of her then; I really hope we can be friends :3 She's another non-lolita, but her dreamy kei style is just as cute!! She also used to be a model, if you find her photos of the shoots, they're gorgeous! :0

Shelby is a popular lolita vlogger too. Her coordinates are always perfectly put together and creative and adorable and aargh, it was difficult to pick my favorite two photos for this entry ><. She's nice and polite to boot ^^ one of my favorites in terms of fashion-only.

Here's another fashion-only idol - Lieschenr. I know absolutely nothing about her except that she lives in Russia! She's absolutely divine and gorgeous and hand-makes her own outfits! She's just amazing - o - recently she's gone more gothic, but she's always had this historical lolita-esque grace.

Goodness gracious, I have a lot of these! I swear, only one more! She's a world-wide idol from Japan, and the epitome of lolita IMO. She's super adorable and polite and beautiful. Her coords are perfect in every way. She's a model for KERA, Putumayo, and Baby the Stars Shine Bright. You guessed it - it's Misako Aoki! The hardest to pick pics for D:

As a bonus, Here's today's coord from me~

Socks, headbow, dress - AP
Shoes, cardigan - BTSSB


New Art Project! - Embroidery

New Art Project!

Whilst on the plane to Florida last week, I was suddenly hit with a burst of creativity and started drawing. I came up with the idea to embroider little lolita figures. So I drew about 8 or so of these adorable chickies over my holiday. 

I started on one today finally. So far it's going okay, it's just going to be tough painting the backgrounds of the pieces of clothing/people. I have to somehow match the colors and paint within the stitching without actually painting the stitches D: 

Here's what I've got done so far in almost an hour:

I also got a new Angelic Pretty JSK + headbow in the mail today. Feeling a bit down, I got dressed up for my sewing adventure!

(sorry, that video is really derpy)


Oh wow :O people!

Oh wow :O people!

I just happened to look at some page on here, I don't even remember now, but I found my page views! I actually have some xD I didn't know anybody actually knew about this /: wat
Well.... cool? I feel weird now, like I'm expected to actually write about something worthwhile writing about. IDK MAN this was just for me idk anymore ><

Well, no matter, here a coord for you stalkers

I went out to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer with my boyfriend today. I felt like wearing lolita since I don't get to as much as I'd like...

Bag, cutsew - BTSSB
Headbow - AP
Shoes - Season
Everything else - offbrand


New Hair Cut :O

New Hair Cut

I finally got up the courage to get a new hair cut >< ...well I got fringe anyways.

I don't like change, and I was freaking out all morning up to my appointment, so I was kinda pissed and let down that Doug wasn't talking to me again. He knew I needed him. Ugh. That boy /shakes head

At least Nellie was over today so I didn't have a chance to get depressed (:
We got dressed in lolis and went with her mom to run some errands before getting TapEx. I love her to bits 


Cutsew - AP
Skirt, headbow - oo jia
Shoes - BTSSB
Tights - offbrand


Fanime Coords and Random News

Fanime Coords and Random News

I'd really love to make a whole new post (not really xD) but since I've already made one for Daily Lolita, I'll just post the link here (:

And since I have a few more photos from the Sunday tea day, I'll put those not in the Daily Lolita post up here (:

Here's Ceily and her friend at the lolita picnic!

These are taken with Doug and Stephanie Yen after the Cafe V ^^

So cute <3

Also, random updates.
So, this spring is filled with TONS of cute things I want, and of course I have no money 
- n -
But I've gotten myself down to a few I'm trying to get.

I'm getting Alegra's help to draft a pattern so me and mom can make this in red:

And if I can sell my Blooming Garden for 175, I'm trying to convince my mom to take one and a half of my allowance (so 275 total with ^)
and she pay the rest so I can get these two both in pink. I've already emailed AP SF about them /:


Clothes Update and the Great News

Clothes Update and the Great News

So ^^ I got new clothes (obviously) including my Innocent World reserve. 

The matching headbow isn't shown as its wrinkled so I didn't take a photo, but its cute! The skirt is short, but thankfully not as short as I thought it would be ^^ it's just too short to wear my petti underneath. Oh well /:

I got these socks from Meta. They are sparkly :D 

I won this off of Mbok. It was allllmost an impulse buy. I was angry I didn't win BABY's heart ribbon purse, so I got this instead xD I do like it, my bust just looks funny. Oh well, It'll look better with a skirt or JSK. Its really warm out now so I got it too late but whatevs. It came with a lace ribbon that you tie under the collar.

I got these for 40$ sadly -___- but mint is so hard to find. I got these to match the Toy Fantasy skirt replica I'm ordering from Oo Jia. She hasn't put up the pictures, but I'm patient.


I finally snatched myself a boyfriend

and he likes lolita!
Or... at least he thinks its cute and more mature than "modern" clothes. 

He's the guy I went to prom with

I apologize for the photo quality /: regrettably, I never took official prom photos at the dance.

Here I'm wearing BABY's Frill Maiden.