Angelic Pretty Valentine's Tea Party and Outfit snaps

Angelic Pretty Valentine's Tea Party
Outfit Snaps

First I'm going to start out with the group shots.
We had two because there were so many n___n

Here are the three tables:

The winners of the coord contest:

Now here is everyone's mug shots that AP took <3

(I left out that creepy guy)

And now mine~

I actually love this photo of me :<

Here's my coord and rundown:

OP, OTKs, Jacket, Headbow - AP
Shoes - CH
Bag - IW

Now for two other coords.

This first one I wore to the mall with Kandice and Sara. It was cold and rainy and windy - ^ -

This second one I wore to school the day after the tea party for a mini-presentation on how feminine =/= anti-feminist.


Monthly Meetup and Outfit Snap

Monthly Meetup and Outfit Snap

January monthly meet pictures:

Now, I would like to point out that we had 21 attendees. So what you see isn't all of us. We had so many coming/leaving, we never has a group shot of ALLL  of us.

Now for an outfit snap!

I'm actually sad I sold this skirt because it looks so good in this coord. I just.... I'd rather have that white dress.

I went to the park with a friend:

Skirt - BL
Blouse - AP
Socks - AP
Shoes - SS
Everything else - offbrand