New Items: Innocent World, and Angelic Pretty~

New Items: Innocent World, and Angelic Pretty~

I ordered the Sugar Hearts cutsew in November and they called stores in Japan to find it in the colorway I wanted <3

I got these actually in December (Leah wore them to the Xmas tea party) but I had bought them a few months ago :/

I got this blouse from a girl who got it in a lucky pack but didn't suit her style C:

(just FYI, that's my Christmas coord)

DREAM DRESS~ I'm so ecstatic that I snagged one up! They were like hotcakes!

These are going to match the Museum Bear JSK I ordered from IW's winter sale. They need to confirm my order soon >>

This was featured in the first English G&LB and I have loved it since it came out several years ago. I just ran across it on mbok and spent WAY  too much for an SS because it was the only one open until midnight JP time ; - ;

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