Lolita Blog Carnival: One Expensive and One Inexpensive Outfit

Lolita Blog Carnival: A Comfy Lolita Outfit

Hello everyone! So this week's theme was to create an expensive and inexpensive outfit from your wardrobe. Although I have some dresses that I got for a lot cheaper, I decided to go with Innocent World's Museum Bear JSK for both outfits. I figured it would be nice to do a comparison rather than just showing off two random coordinates.

I hope you enjoy, I had fun making it even though it ended up only lasting two minutes.

One more thing, if anybody has noticed, my social media username has changed. I am also in the process of making a new blog (coding it from scratch), so keep an eye out for that. This one has posts so old I get embarrassed. I might take those down haha...

So thanks in advance for watching, here is said video:

(Also, please note the links to Lolita Blog Carnival and this week's participants are included in the info box on the video's page. Please go check them all out!)

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