Lolita Blog Carnival: A Comfy Lolita Outfit

Lolita Blog Carnival: A Comfy Lolita Outfit

Hello everyone! I don't do these often enough, but I couldn't help myself. If you check out everyone else's blogs (linked down below) you'll see a common format for their Comfy Lolita Outfit posts.

Now, I very easily could have also done a post about how to make comfy casual outfits for lolita, or some of my favorites for when I want to dress up but just lounge around the house.

Instead, because my boyfriend was visiting this weekend, I had the idea to make a silly little video with him in it (of course, I didn't tell him anything about what I was doing) and have a tiny little battle between some lolita + sweater coordinates I threw together~

So thanks in advance for watching, here is said video:

(Also, please note the links to Lolita Blog Carnival and this week's participants are included in the info box on the video's page. Please go check them all out!)

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