Easter and My First Reserve!

Easter and My First Reserve!

So My mommy surprised me (sort've) with this adorable Hello Kitty plushie for Easter.

I say sort've because it was originally my Easter gift that I picked out, but since we negotiated for the AP skirt below, she said she was going to return HK. I was so happy when I saw her <3

Aren't we adorable together?

Shoes and Necklace - offbrand
Everything else - Angelic Pretty

I just paid for my first reserve (the one I made for a girl from Texas doesn't count) ofr Innocent World's 2012 Strawberry Gingham print. I don't normally like fruit in my lolita, but for some reason this just really called to me.

I got that skirt and that headbow in that color^

I'm a little worried since the skirt is a "mini" says it's only 17 inches. Hopefully it won't really be that short /:
If it is....well I'll sell it NWT and get the JSK. Fast. Before that colorway sells out.

Here are a few Coords I made on Polyvore. I'm really bored if you can't tell xD
Some of these other items I already own, some I will have to get (the red cardi, IW blouse, and SG socks)

Strawberry Gingham Coord 4

Strawberry Gingham Coord 3

Strawberry Gingham Coord 2

Strawberry Gingham Coord 1

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