Swap Meet

Swap Meet

This weekend I went to my first swap meet!!

It was SUPER crowded and I was a little disappointed in the selection, but I suppose that was a good thing. There was only really two things I wanted and Gwen took the first. It was a mint BABY skirt with pink flowers and "lace" and stuff and was only 50$ ;__;

The other item was Jeanine's offwhite BABY parasol, which I did buy from her for 30$

Here are some pictures Jeanine took. I'll add more if/when others post photos with me or my friends in them.

^See that muffler?
My pitiful selection of selling items was there, but they replaced the spot after I left.

Here's adorable Gio in her El Dorado!
And here she is trying on Alegra's Meta LP dress (Kelly bought it)

Here's the fantastic Stefani who drove me home and my car-mate that I actually met at the Thrift Store Meetup last summer.

Here's a few of us on the stairs. After a while when it got REALLY crowded I "hid" in the stairwell to avoid being in others' way. At one point the most girls we had maybe was...6 with one or two standing next to it talking with us?

Here's my outfit rundown:

JSK - Metamorphose
Shoes - Custom House
Headbow, Socks - Angelic Pretty
Sweater, Pea earrings - Offbrand

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