Packing Trial (aka - I'm bored)

Packing Trial 
(aka - I'm bored)

I got kind've bored tonight and decided to look for luggage. All I have are vintage suitcases. The big one that has a matching train case broke while I was in Europe D:, my other one is kinda small, and the one my grandparents bought in Europe is waaay to big (because it had to fit the one that broke). 

I don't like the average black suitcases you can find anywhere. They are so plain and ugly. 

So after hours of searching, I came across a cute set that I liked (I found another one I liked but couldn't find where to buy it)

I love it, but I also have some issues.

It's cute, and pink, and works with lolita
They lock and look secure.
The suitcase is small enough to be a carry-on.
I need a suitcase that has wheels.
The suitcase has a thing inside that's like extra pockets...?

It's only an inch bigger than my small suitcase
Doesn't go well with normal travel, I'd have to be dressed really cute/lolita.
The set is $280

Well......yeah. I'm conflicted.
I'd definitely need those vacuum bags. Yeah, I did some research on those too and I'm getting mixed messages XD

SO, I went into my room and decided to see what I could fit into the small suitcase (since it's about the same size)

Here's what it looked like:

What's inside:
1 sweater, 1 pair of shoes, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 pair of bloomers, 3 pairs on underwear, 3 pairs of socks, 1 headbow, 1 cutsew, 1 petticoat, 1 blouse

(Whoops, I forgot pajamas....)

Now, assuming I'll wear to the airport a cutsew over a tshirt/tank, jeans, shoes, socks, a headbow, and carry a jacket, I think I'm good for a week (yes, I'd need more underwear) and still have room to add a few things that I bring back.

Of course, if I got vacuum bags, I could hold a lot more, but yeah..... lots of mixed reviews has me worried.


I found this, and I like it much better :)

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