Crown and Crumpet Halloween Meetup

Crown and Crumpet Halloween Meetup

28 October 2011

This adventure begins with a girl named Amanda. She was a sweet, timid, brand-new lolita. She offered to give me a ride. How thoughtful! :D

The tea was yummy (I tried a gold-shimmer tea) and the food was absolutely delicious. I hadn't been to C&C before, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the service!

Here are some of the pictures Jeanine took.

Me and Amanda:

Let's have some decor!

The lovely girls who sat next to us:

A few of the other guests (we had over 20!)

Now for the beloved Group Shots!!

^^Awkward Panorama...^^

Here's the photos I took:

^^Dress(handmade IW replica); Bag(IW)^^
Blouse(BL); Shoes(Offbrand); Hat(offbrand)

Amanda got bored waiting for the food, so she stuff the fake flower petals in the real flowers x3

Me and Giovanna, my best lolita friend <3

Well, Auf Wiedersein! Tchuss!!

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