mini-lolita meetup in kelley park

mini meetup in kelley park

So, Saturday I met up with two of my good friends Jessica and Alex. All the photos we took are on Facebook, but I'll only put a few on here x)

We all brought food for our picnic: I brought dessert flavoured yohgurt and mocha coffee, Alex brought minty brownies and grapes, and Jessica brought these lovely things!

After we ate and got frightened by a few pooping-geese, we recycled/threw away our trash and started taking photoshoot!
(I swear my dress is mint!!)

^^Jessica and my first photos ^^
Here's our wonderful photographer Alex:

You won't believe the faces we were making behind here :D I was laughing when this was taken:

Alex is now convince I'm a spirit :0

I loved this, but we kept falling over!!

Here's the deco version, it looks cuter! Jessica couldn't lean back so we had an impromptu romance moment <3

I had such a hard time not letting my feet touch the water x___x


Here Jessica had no idea why Alex was laughing until she saw this photo on FB :D

I don't know what to say except that Jessica smiled in the one I took because Alex almost fell in the pond D:

Everybody was- LOLI FIGHTING

We walked along the tracks for a while trying to find the exit 

Creepy haunted japanese-english house:

These were reserved for a wedding party oops :x
We tried making a Sound of Music shot:

This is my favorite shot of all:

Last but not least, on the train back home for bobba-tea and a sleepover with Alex!

Ti voglio~

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